Artisan of the Week – Week 1 – Marquita LaJoy


Happy New Year!! As this new year begins, we are going on a new journey on our blog! Every Thursday, we will feature a new artisan and their handmade goods. We will feature the item and create a piece inspired by it. The model in the pictures above is none other than Miss Alexis Denson, co-founder of Ekocreashunz.

This week’s featured artisan is Ms. Marquita LaJoy, sole owner of HandmadeByHenryHand. Marquita is a native of Greensboro, NC. She reliever has become her lifestyle. She finds much pleasure in taking a piece of yarn and creating masterpieces. From earrings to afghans; with scarves, hats, blankets, and clothing in between, she is super talented and the quality of her work is absolutely awesome.  Please visit her on the web and support this amazing handmade artisan.

Her website is

Follow her on Twitter:

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The earrings pictured above are available on Alexis Denson, age 12, is the artisan.

Here are a few more pieces made by Marquita LaJoy, owner of HandmadeByHenryhand…


To request a custom order, please send her an email at




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