Black Friday…Black Friday…Black Friday…


Nov 22 2013

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Black Friday seems to be the buzz everywhere you turn for the past couple of weeks! This year retailers are getting greedy with Pre-Black Friday Sales. I must admit that I used to be a part of the madness…plotting my course to check off as many things possible from my shopping list, for the least amount possible.

As a handmade artisan, I have a different perspective. It is impossible for the small business to compete with big box retailers on what America calls “the biggest shopping day of the year”. There is no way for us to mark our prices down 80% and remain in business. However when buying handmade, you have direct interaction with the artist, which allows for customization and personalization. When you shop with a small business, you are contributing directly to someone’s life. So this year I challenge you to buy handmade items, items that have a personal meaning. Artists pour their hearts and soul into each creation.

Whether it’s accessories, bath and body treats, hair products, clothing or artwork, I’m sure there is something handmade on that will fit the bill for your shopping list this year. The cool thing about it is…if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, let the artist know and they will likely be willing to make it for you!

This holiday season will have incentives for shopping with us. We will offer 15% off all purchases, including custom orders, from 11/28/13-12/2/13. All you have to do is enter the coupon code HOLIDAY15 at check out. There will also be giveaways over the next few weeks. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Being an artist, I have amazing artist friends and I would like to share some of their links here to give you a variety for your shopping pleasure.

Angel Green Eyes (Handmade Wire Jewelry and Crochet Art)

Authenticality ( Handmade natural hair products and body pudding)

Culture Cloz (Boutique based in Pittsburg, PA featuring all things handmade)

Divinite’ Jewellry cultural adornments By Porchia (Handmade Cultural Jewelry)

Earjeans (Handmade Jewelry specializing in denim and fabric pieces)

Kevin Parker (Handpainted tees, artwork, woodwork and creative images)

MamaLei Body Essentials (All Natural Salt and Sugar Scrubs)

So True Art (Handpainted artwork and accessories)

Happy Shopping!!

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One comment on “Black Friday…Black Friday…Black Friday…”

  1. This was perfectly said! I’m glad you stated that. We shouldn’t try to compete. Like one broadcast said, the items they sell are normally overstocked off brand items that you’ve never heard of and have been sitting for years. Shopping needs to be something where the mind, ears and eyes work together, continously.

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